Forthcoming Issue

2020 – Volume 9, Issue 1


Public Aquariums in Turkey / Pages: 1-6 PDF

Pınar Çelik, Ebru Yalçın Ülger


Determination of Fish Consumption in Çanakkale / Pages: 7-14 PDF

Fahri Saka, Musa Bulut


Characterization, Identification and Phylogeny of the Cretain Kinase (ckma) Gene in Medaka (Oryzias latipes) / Pages: PP-PP PDF

Mehtap Bayır, Gökhan Arslan, Pınar Oğuzhan Yıldız


Investigation of Active Tectonics of Edremit Gulf, Western Anatolia (Turkey), Using High-Resolution Multi-Channel Marine Seismic Data / Pages: PP-PP PDF

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Suggestions for Protect and Aquaculture Approaches of Endangered Species Pinna nobilis / Pages: PP-PP PDF

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