2021 – Volume 10, Issue 2

2021 – Volume 10, Issue 2


Age, Growth and Reproduction of Neogobius melanostomus (Pallas 1814) (Perciformes: Gobiidae) in the Southern Black Sea / Pages 106-117 PDF 

Mehmet Aydın


Emission Analysis of LNG Fuelled Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell System for a Chemical Tanker Ship: A Case Study / Pages: 118-133 PDF

Ömer Berkehan İnal, Cengiz Deniz


A Binary Logistic Regression Model for Prediction of Feed Conversion Ratio of Clarias gariepinus From Feed Composition Data / Pages: 134-141 PDF

Familusi Oluwatosin Adekunle


Determination of Some Biological Characteristics and Population Parameters of the Blotched Picarel (Spicara flexuosa Rafinesque, 1810) Distributed in the Eastern Black Sea (Rize – Hopa) / Pages: 142-153 PDF

Göktuğ Dalgıç, İbrahim Oğuz Ergün, Hatice Onay, Yusuf Ceylan


Effects of Two Different Macroalgae (Ulva lactuca and Jania rubens) Species on Growth and Survival of Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) as Feed Additive / Pages: 154-162 PDF

Yavuz Mazlum, Metin Yazıcı, Selin Sayın, Oğulcan Habiboğlu, Sinem Uğur


Investigations on Endohelmint Fauna of Teleost Fishes of Aras and Murat Rivers in Turkey / Pages: 163-169 PDF

Burçak Aslan Çelik, Mehmet Cemal Oğuz


Extraction and Characterization of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) From Bacillus flexus MHO57386.1 Isolated From Marine Sponge Oceanopia arenosa (Rao, 1941) / Pages: 170-185 PDF

Deepa Aryaraj, Vasantha Subramonian Pramitha


Purification of Glutathione Reductase From Some Tissues of Capoeta umbla and the Inhibitory Effects of Some Metal Ions on Enzyme Activity / Pages: 193-200 PDF

Muammer Kırıcı, Mahinur Kırıcı, Muhammed Atamanalp, Şükrü Beydemir


Adverse Effects of Ruditapes decussatus (Linnaeus, 1758) Diet on Stomach Tissues in Rats / Pages: 201-206 PDF

Latife Ceyda İrkin, Şamil Öztürk


 Investigation of the Use of Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) As Aquarium Filtration Material for Electric Blue Hap (Sciaenochromis ahli) / Pages: 207-212 PDF

Meryem Öz, Dilek Şahin, Zafer Karslı, Orhan Aral, Mehmet Bahtiyar


The Effect of Aging on Ship Values: An Econometric Analysis on Major Ship Types / Pages: 213-223 PDF

Ozan Hasret Gültekin, Abdullah Açık, Kamil Özden Efes, Sadık Özlen Başer



Influence of Heat Shock Protein (HSP-70) Enhancing Compound From Red Alga (Porphyridium cruentum) for Augmenting Egg Production in Copepod Culture – A New In Silico Report / Pages: 186-192 PDF

Kareem Altaff, Radha Vijayaraj