2019 – Volume 8, Issue 1

2019 – Volume 8, Issue 1


An empirical study of R applications for data analysis in marine geology / Pages: 1-9 PDF

Polina Lemenkova


Occurrence of Sudis hyalina Rafinesque, 1810 (Paralepididae) in Büyükeceli Coast (Mersin Bay, Northeastern Mediterranean) / Pages: 10-12 PDF

Deniz Ayas, Nuray Çiftçi, Mustafa Doğangün, Mısra Bakan


Determination of Usage Potential of Some Mediterranean Rays in Fish Oil Production / Pages: 13-22 PDF

Elif Ayşe Erdoğan Eliuz, Deniz Ayas, Ferit Peri, Mısra Bakan


The Reflection of Ship Demolition Prices to Construction Costs in Turkey / Pages: 23-29 PDF

Abdullah Açık, Esra Baran


Identification of Mislabelling in Frozen Fish Fillets Based on DNA Barcoding Analysis / Pages: 30-35 PDF

Evren Koban Baştanlar