2018 – Volume 7, Issue 1

2018 – Volume 7, Issue 1


Isolation and partial characterization of serum immunoglobuline in two species of sturgeons, Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) and Stellate sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus) / Pages: 1-3 PDF

Azadeh Yektaseresht, Zahra Hemati, Amin Gholamhosseini


The Structural and Economic Analysis of the Rainbow Trout Farming: Case of Erzurum Province / Pages: 4-11 PDF

Ahmet Aydın, Güçgeldi Bashimov, Metehan Yaykaşlı


Effect of Tilia tomentosa methanolic extract on growth performance, digestive enzyme activity, immune system and haematological indices of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) / Pages: 12-20 PDF

Ahmed Alhadi Almabrok, Iman Daw Amhamed, Gamaia Ali Mohamed, Soner Bilen, Tarek Abdelsalam Salem Altief


Investigation of Beyler dam lake water quality in terms of some physical and chemical parameters / Pages: 21-27 PDF

Khalifa Moftah Abdelali, Yiğit Taştan, Adem Yavuz Sönmez


A study on fatty acid profile and some mineral contents of mantis shrimp (Erugosquilla massavensis Kossmann, 1880) from Northeastern Mediterranean Sea (Turkey) / Pages: 28-32 PDF

Mustafa Göçer, İlkan Ali Olgunoğlu, Mine Perçin Olgunoğlu


The effects of season on the metal levels of tissues of some lessepsian species caught from the Northeastern Mediterranean Sea / Pages: 33-42 PDF

Sahire Karaytuğ, Gülsemin Şen Ağılkaya, Deniz Ayas



The importance of aquatic recreation areas in urban living and their contribution on health / Pages: 43-46 PDF

Selçuk Duman, İbrahim Cengizler