2015 – Volume 4, Issue 1 / (Page 13-17)

Effects of sublethal concentrations of propargite to white blood cells of common carp (Cyprinus carpio, Linnaeus, 1758)

Arinc Tulgar, Ekrem Sanver Celik



In this study, effects of propargite, an organosulphiric pesticide were investigated in carp’s (Cyprinus carpio) white blood cells such as lymphocyte (LYM), neutrophile (NEU), monocyte (MON), basophile (BAS) and eosinophile (EOS). Fish were exposed to control (only distilled tap water), low (0.04125 ppm), medium (0.0825 ppm) and high (0.165 ppm) concentrations of propargite. As a result of study, percentage of BAS, NEU and MON cells were generally showed an increase on the 14th day compared to the control group, in case percentage of LYM and EOS cells were decreased on the 14th day according to the control group. In conclusion, changes observed among the white blood cell types could demonstrate the immunosupresive effect of propargite.



Propargite, Carp, White blood cell types


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