2014 – Volume 3, Issue 2 / (Page 15-19)

Fishing activities in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

M. Emin Debes, Ahmet Beyoglu, Serdar Kum



 Although it is a renewable natural biological source, fisheries is not endless. Due to fish are able to go different aquaculture areas or captured by numerous countries, fisheries is a part of a common heritage. For this reason, when fishing activities are not controlled, it may cause a considerable reduction in stocks and thus there should exist an obligation to enforce and sustain common rules with the collective management and/or planned activities for fishing sources. The national legislations related to fishing activities in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) are discussed in detail in this study. In addition, existing and potential marine sources are also assessed on the viewpoint of mariners. This study presents a five-year statistics of fishing and aquaculture as well as a fishing fleet in TRNC. Finally, this study clarifies some applicable recommendations to increase the fishing activities in TRNC by considering to Ecosystem management.



 Statistics of fishing activities in TRNC, Fishing and environment integration, Biga Peninsula, Ecosystem management


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