2014 – Volume 3, Issue 2 / (Page 11-14)

Seasonal distribution and biochemical composition of Barbus sp. in Çiftekavak Stream, Rize-Turkey

Baris Karsli, Emre Caglak, Vildan Karsli, Leyla Turan, Hava Akarsu



 Seasonal variations in the biochemical composition of Barbus sp. sampled from Rize Çiftekavak Stream have been investigated between 2013 and 2014. The average total length and weight was recorded as 19.93±12.47 cm and 37.26±16.47 g, respectively for the fish sampled seasonally. Min-max crude fat, crude protein, crude ash, dry matter, pH, water activity (aw) and color values were recorded as 1.17-2.72%, 15.54-18.35%, 1.37-1.60%, 19.00-22.26%, 6.39-6.58, 0.9927-0.9962, and L* (28.85-33.70), a* (4.10-6.58), b* (5.5-8.3), respectively. For the evaluations performed in the present study, the differences in terms of the analysis showed significances (P < 0.05).



 Barbus sp., Biochemical composition, Seasonal, Çiftekavak Stream (Rize)


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