2013 – Volume 2, Issue 2 / (Page 1-4)

Quality Determination of Experimental Sausage Production from Shark Meat

Dilek Kahraman, Nermin Berik



In this study, sausage from spiny dog fish (Squalus acanthias) was produced. The purpose of study was to determine sausage made from shark meat was consumable or not. In order to find out quality characters of shark meat, paste and products, physical and chemical analysis were carried out. No significant differences for pH were observed among the meat, paste and product (P>0.05). Due to similar studies; the quantity of seperated gel and seperated fat, water holding capacity and loss of weight caused by cooking method were found low in paste of sausage while process efficiency was found high. In addition, chemical analysis of water (moisture), protein and fat amounts were not higher than the required values. In conclusion, the quality evaluation results indicated that shark (by-catch fish species) meat can be used for sausage processing.



 Shark, Sausage, pH, Quality characters, Chemical composition


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