2012 – Volume 1, Issue 1 / (Page 1-5)

Preliminary study on hyperbenthos species composition in Varna Bay (the western Black Sea)

Sonya Uzunova, Veselina Mihneva, Konstantin, Mikhaylov



Preliminary study of hyperbenthos composition in Varna Bay (the Western Black Sea) was carried out in June, August and October 2007, and in June and October 2008. A total of 37 hyperbenthos and zooplankton taxa were established. The hyperbenthos consisted mainly of decapod’s larvae (6), fish eggs and larvae (10) and 4 crustacean’s groups, belonging to merohyperbenthos and holohyperbenthos. The merohyperbenthos made up a significant share of the total species number in June – August 2007 (70 % -55 %), whereas the fish eggs were replaced by larval stages of anchovy, horse mackerel and red mullet in October 2007. In June 2008 the share of merohyperbenthos reached 61 %, whereas in October 2008 the hyperbenthos was dominated by holohyperbenthos (43 %).



Hyperbenthos, Varna Bay, The Black Sea


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